Camp Wakonda

Camp Wakonda


Information for Kids
WOW Activities! You won't believe all the amazing things you get to do each and every day!

Awesome Outdoors! Your backyard will be acres of woods, fields, creeks and a pond!

New Friends! Bring 'em or make 'em. You can bet you'll end up with a bunch.

Adventure Awaits
4th & 5th graders will set off on our New Amazon Valley Adventure Course where they will need to work together to solve the challenges that await!

Climbing Wall and Rock Course
Challenge Yourself To:
• Ring the bell at the top of the Climbing Wall
• Zip 300 feet into the woods from our 40 foot Zipline Tower

Grades 2-5 in the spring of 2013
At the heart of the Camp Wakonda experience is found each close knit group of campers who, with their counselor, carry out a large variety of activities. Each day from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening is filled with challenges and adventures that give unique opportunities to kids in a traditional camp environment. Younger and older campers will be in separate groups. The week will start with great activities to build the group including: archery and bb guns, arts and crafts, nature programs, fishing, and riding a sled down our extreme in-the-dark hill slide "mole run". We'll have great water activities like creek walks, swimming, and a water war. Highlights of the week will be: inflatable carnival, ropes course activities, and campfire programs.

Currently in Grades 6-9
Designed for the older camper, the Outback program takes camp activities to the next level. Many times, camp is a place that lifelong friendships begin. Sunday afternoon through Friday evening includes a wide variety of group activities from swimming and creek walks, climbing tower, 300 foot zip line, and many choices of traditional camp activities. Outback campers will have several activities and ceremonies that are exclusive to their age group. Special events will fill the week such as Capture the Flag and campfire programs. Great times to remember will include adventures, pool luau party and gaga ball games.